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Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Hormone balance in men and women is affected by multiple factors such as natural aging,  stress (both emotional and physical), changes in diet, irregular sleeping patterns and exposure to toxic substances. At Longev Clinic we believe that maintaining optimal hormone levels will help prevent health risks caused by an imbalance as well as maintain excellent quality of life. 

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone deficiency symptoms can be different for each person whether it is onset of symptoms, frequency and intensity. Anyone, any gender, at any age can present one or more symptoms of hormone imbalance. 

Common Symptoms of Hormone deficiency:
Women can have one or more of the following symptoms:
Men can have one or more of the following symptoms:

Low energy


Depression like symptoms or loss of motivation

Anxiety that was not there before

Decreased libido and sexual capacity

Weight gain/ increased belly fat

Lower physical stamina and exercise capacity

Low Decreased cognitive function (memory and concentration)


Decreased muscle mass or muscle strength

Impaired immunity

Changes in menstrual cycle

Painful periods

Severe PMS

Migraine headaches

Night sweats

Hot flushes

Vaginal dryness or decrease in vaginal lubrication

Low energy and motivation


Decrease in muscle mass and muscle strength

Abdominal fat

Low sex drive

Erectile dysfunction or changes in quality of erection

Decrease in sense of well being

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy? (BHRT)

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are molecularly identical to hormones found in our body. These identical hormones are obtained from chemical substances of plants that are modified in a laboratory and then compounded into gels, creams, inyectables, pellets and pills.

Bioidentical hormones are not the same as synthetic hormones, identical hormone replacement therapy is a natural process. Synthetic hormones have been shown to have adverse effects on the body because the body recognizes them as a foreign substance.

All BHRT treatments are made to fit the needs of the patient, for this reason is it much safer than any other hormone therapy and has more potential benefits.

It is extremely important to have a consultation and bloodwork prior to any hormone replacement therapy. All hormone replacement therapies are personalized and require a follow up, BHRT may take multiple sessions and consistency is required for the improvement of symptoms. 

At Longev Clinic we are known to follow up consistently with our patients so that they can better reach their well being and quality of life.

Cellular Therapy

Cellular Therapy is part of Regenerative medicine, a new scientific field focused on the repair and regeneration of damaged tissue. Cellular therapy can be anywhere from stem cells, platelet rich plasma (PRP), exosomes, and growth factors.

Inflammation and repair

Stem cells have the capacity to reduce cellular inflammation and reduce pain, this allows the body to begin healing.

Neurological Disorders

Even though it is not used to help cure neurological disorders, it can improve the quality of life of someone who is suffering from this type of disorder.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are undifferentiated cells that can become any specialized cell in the body. They hace several positive effects on the body as they seek out damaged areas and promote regeneration. They are incredibly capable of helping the body fight sickness and heal injury. 

Immune System Boost

Stem cell therapy can also help the immune system rebuild itself in patients who have a compromised immune system. In “healthy patients”, stem cells have the ability to boost immune system and leave the body better prepared for illness it might face afterwards.

Beauty Care

Stem cells are able to improve the quality of skin as well as the health of a hair follicle. 

What is the difference between Stem cell INFUSION and INTRAVENOUS?

Stem cell infusion is a direct application of stem cells to an affected area, mainly for joints and pain management.

Stem cell intravenous therapy, is the application of the stem cells in the vein, this way stem cells spread across the whole body and help create a wide change rather than only needing to affect one area. 

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Growth factors?

Platelet Rich Plasma is an advanced technique in which your own body’s blood restores tissues. Platelets and growth factors have remarkable healing and regenerative properties. Both Growth factors and PRP can be used for:

Hair restoration

Treating skin damage

Restoring circulation in penis (ED)

Regeneration of joints

Growth Hormone

What is Growth Hormone and why it is considered an anti-aging hormone?

Growth hormone is produced in our pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain), it has multiple prominent roles in our body. During childhood and puberty, it is a major anabolic hormone that is responsible for a great part of our growth.

In adults growth hormone has multiple roles such as:

Maintaining appropriate volume and tone of skin, muscle, and bone

Increases the function, repair, and health of our body specifically of joints, muscles, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, nerves, brain

Relieves depression, anxiety, and nervousness

Improves brain functions such as memory, concentration, and mental processing

Enhances sexual function, desire, arousal, and pleasure

What are the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in adults?

Loss of sense of well being, poor quality of life

Difficulty performing multiple tasks

Memory loss, slow cognitive skills, mental fatigue

Depression, anxiety, excessive emotional reactions

Tendency to social isolation, poor socialization

Degradation of physical appearance, hair loss, brittle nails, sagging skin, wrinkles

Low libido, loss in quality of erection, or vaginal dryness

Unexplained weight gain or difficulty losing weight

Frequent illness or taking longer to recover

What is Growth hormone replacement therapy in adults?

Growth hormone replacement therapy is the treatment that replaces and restores balance to the body’s growth hormone levels. The production and levels of growth hormone begin to decrease at age 30 and continues to gradually decrease as we age.

To get started with growth hormone replacement therapy an initial in-person consultation is required with bloodwork, no exceptions. 

This therapy and all hormone replacement therapies are personalized treatments based on individual needs. The doctor will decide the dosage and the time of the treatment. Depending on the dosage the doctor recommends is how much your treatment will cost. 

At Longev clinic our doctors recommend Norditropin FlexPro pen by Novo Nordisk,  The cost of your treatment will depend on the recommended dosage, on average each unit has a cost of $15 USD, as compared to US prices which is $45 USD per unit. 

IV Therapy

Intravenous (IV) therapy is the most effective way to increase nutrients in the body because the nutrients are infused directly to your bloodstream, as compared to taking vitamins orally where it has to go through the gastrointestinal system, where most of the nutrient concentration is lost before getting to the bloodstream.

Our IV therapies can be combined with all of our therapies and can be helpful for different conditions:


Chronic fatigue

Migraine headaches



Skin issues

Heavy metal toxicity

Memory issues

Seasonal allergies

Hangover recovery

Tension headaches

Heart disease

Chronic inflammation

Pain control



Our individualized IV therapy is the best and easiest way to protect your body, boost your immune system and feel and look your best. Here are some of our IV cocktails:


Made with B complex, vitamin C, minerals and  Procaine. This IV therapy will help you get a better night sleep, rest your muscles and recharge your body for an increase in energy levels, concentration and memory.


Made with minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium and a super dose of vitamin C will help boost your immune system and defend your body agains infections.


Multivitamin, minerals and Glutathione will help boost your immune system and best of all help your body reduce the levels of toxic substances.


This boost of vitamins will help you get prepared for any sports competition or event, will help you rest your body prior to your event AND will help you obtain a faster recovery afterwards.


This perfect mix of nutrients will help you recover and hydrate from a long weekend or a very hot summer day. With the option of adding any IV medication for nausea, acid reflux or pain.


This IV therapy is great to decrease the levels of heavy metals in the bloodstream such as lead and arsenic. An idol therapy for chronic smokers or patients who have been exposed to heavy metals. 

All IV therapies include a previous consultation with a medical doctor specialized in IV therapy. The IV cocktail is mixed during consultation by our specialist, none of our cocktails are pre-mixed, all therapies are personalized. The total time of your visit can be 1 to 1.5 hours and will be monitored at all times by a medical doctor. 

Aesthetic treatments

As we age, our skin ages, and the production of proteins such as collagen and elastin naturally slows down, decreasing our skin elasticity and volume. We offer multiple non-invasive procedures that can treat signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of volume, and sagging skin. 

These treatments are popular among men and women of any age for regenerating and providing a youthful appearance. 

At Longev Clinic we offer a complimentary consultation to determine what treatment is best for you, all treatments are individualized and require previous consultation with our aesthetic medicine specialist. 


PDO Threads

Growth factors (cellular therapy) for hair restoration

Dermal FIllers

Enzymes (mesotherapy)

PRP for facial rejuvenation

PRP for hair restoration

Growth factors (cellular therapy) for facial rejuvenation

Treated Conditions:

Not sure what you need? Schedule a complimentary consultation to meet with a medical aesthetician who will review your medical history and provide you with a treatment plan. Here are some of the conditions that can be treated at Longev Clinic:


Acne Scars

Aging Face

Aging Hands


Dark Circles Under Eyes

Facial Wrinkles


Loose Skin

Migraines And Headaches

Premature Hair Loss

Square Or Full Jawline

Sweaty Palms


Thin Eyelashes

Thin Lips

TMD, TMJ & Bruxism

Weak Chin

Wrinkled Lips

Weak Jaw

Unwanted fat

Schedule your complimentary consultation at Longev clinic to determine your personalized aesthetic treatment. 

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